Frequent asked questions

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I am getting 4 sizes and only have one graphic template layout will it work on all the boards?2021-12-08T13:23:49-08:00

Yes, we can resize your graphic to fit any size board you want. It is always best to keep important text logos or images away from the rails.
Give yourself some space don’t put your art right on the rail nose or tail edges and expect them to not be cut off.

Are your boards 7 ply?2021-12-08T13:23:49-08:00

Yes, we are using 7 ply Canadian maple hardwood.

Where should send my graphic for visual confirmation and if it’s confirmed, what format I should send it in?2021-12-08T13:23:49-08:00

Please send all graphics to contact@sk8factory.com If your file is to large to sent to us by email go to yousendit.com and you can set up a free yousendit account.
With yousendit.com you will be able to upload your graphics and yousendit.com will send us a email with a link to download larger files.The files we accept are .jpeg, .psd, .pdf, .ai (CS3), .tiff, .png files.

How much would it cost with shipping?2021-12-08T13:23:49-08:00

For us to get you shipping prices please send us a email with your shipping address and a estimate on how many skateboards you want in your order.
We will reply to your email with the shipping cost.

What is the smallest quantity I could order to start out with?2021-12-08T13:23:49-08:00

You can get just one deck with your graphic to test out before buying in bulk.

Is it possible to get decks shipped to one location then the remaining elsewhere?2021-12-08T13:23:49-08:00

Yes, we do ship to multiple locations upon request and make sure it is on your invoice when you make your payment.

What payment forms are accepted?2021-12-08T13:23:50-08:00

We take PayPal, American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Money Order’s, and Cashiers Check.

What information do we need to place an order?2021-12-08T13:23:50-08:00

We need your phone number, shipping information, billing address if different from
your shipping information, graphic if you have one, size and shapes of boards you want and the quantity of each shape and size.

How or when do I pay for an order I want to place?2021-12-08T13:23:50-08:00

As soon as we make a invoice for you with all your order information you can either
pay online with the invoice or call in with your credit card.