Skateboard Manufacturers

There are many skateboard manufacturers in the market today. We set our company apart by not oursourcing any of our production. From the press making the concaves to the printers printing the transfers we do it from scratch.

Our decks are made with quality Canadian hard rock maple and glue to keep your pop going longer. We can press any concave any shape you want so if you have some sort of idea on what you want there are no limits to what we can do for you. Custom shapes and sizes are not a problem for us. We use a cnc machine to cut boards keeping them all looking the same. We are constantly adding new and updated technology to build your brand or blanks in our factory to keep your cost down and compete with overseas imported decks. Most of the time we have a lower price than if you were to buy from a company outside of the United States. With our automated system our facility can bring you great results at a fraction of what others are charging.