Graphic requirements for custom longboards and skateboards

This page will help you speed up your order.

We don’t charge setup fees for setting up your graphics. First start by sending us the graphic you have already made. We can use just about anything that you send us. Try not to use images that are small in size.

It is best if you setup your art in a graphic program using 300 dpi and the actual length and width of a skateboard. Preferably 9 x 33 inches. We accept the following files: .jpeg, .pdf, .psd, .ai, .tiff, and .png. If you have any questions in order to help you determine how to send you art or how to make your art please call us or send us a email. If you don’t have any graphic programs to make your art then use our online skateboard deck designer.

Don’t use any metallic ink when drawing your graphic it makes it hard to separate the colors when we scan your art.

Skateboard Template Info:

The graphic must come out to the outer bleed line. The inner line is for all important artwork/text that you do not want cut off. The 2 squares represent the trucks holes. Please do not place important logos or artwork above or below these squares. It will not show on the board once you have placed skateboard trucks on the deck. When sending in your final artwork have the template either removed or on a separate layer. The template is just a guide and should not be imbedded or flattened with the final graphic.

Need a template for custom longboards or pool boards? No problem, just send us a email requesting a template for the longboards and we will send it to you by email until this page is setup for longboards.